David Gross

The paintings in this series were made by Syrian refugee children as part of program to bring psychological survival skills to refugee children. The Inside-Outside Project and Artivism.rocks visited schools in Reyhanli, Gaziantep and Kahramanmara (Turkey), and in Jbeil and Beirut (Lebanon). Artivism.rocks is a program to teach psychological survival skills to refugee children. There is not enough psychosocial support for refugees, many of whom symptoms of trauma from their war experiences. The seeds of future wars is planted in the children of today's wars, and Artivism.rocks hopes to bring easy to implement, low-cost, reproducible help to better the lives of children of war - to reduce the future effects of today's wars. Learn more about Artivism.rocks at http://artivism.rocks/ See photographs of the children at http://insideoutsideproject.org/