Anna Masini

I’m a freelance illustrator, bookmaker and visual artist living and working in Milan, Italy. After a bachelor in Cultural Anthropology I moved to France, in Nancy, to study Cinematography. Back to Italy I then pursued my studies in Visual Arts practising photography, illustration and printing techniques in Milan. I’ve worked as a film-maker for about four years, then I gave up because…it was too much a computer thing, while I wanted to make images with my own hands, with ink, pencils and paper. Practising different kinds of visual language, I finally understood which was mine. Now I work as a freelance illustrator with italian and foreign publishers, drawing and designing books and children’s books, covers and illustrations for press. My books have been published in Italy, France, Portugal, Mexico, Brazil and Korea. At the beginning of 2014 I finally founded my own little self-publishing label called Red Boots, to print and publish some of my projects. My work often breaks the border of the sheets of paper, through the creation of puppets, toys and surface patterns. I also collaborate with theater companies in scenography, puppetry and live painting.