Meet the Artist: Nikkolas Smith

March 03, 2015

Nikkolas Smith is a Disney Imagineer and a Los Angeles-based freelance designer. He has contributed many incredible pieces to CAN campaigns, including his depiction of MLK in a hoodie. Nikkolas most recently drew the poster for Dear White People.

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See America Wins the APPL 2015 Corporate Stewardship Award

February 26, 2015

The APPL Partnership Awards celebrate the best in public lands partnerships, recognizing individuals, organizations, publications, products, programs and services that embody leading edge achievements in the preservation of public lands and the enrichment of visitors. And we won!!!

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See America at Centenary College of Louisiana's Meadows Museum

February 24, 2015

We love getting to share the beautiful collection of See America designs with new audiences! "See America: Advertising Our National Treasures through Graphic Design" opens February 21 and will be on display at the Centenary College of Louisiana's Meadows Museum through March 28th. Thanks to the Centenary's Communication-New Media students and the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library for making this show happen!

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Design for Obama: The Book

February 17, 2015

This all began back in the summer of 2008 during Barack Obama's first Presidential campaign. Shortly after street artist Shepard Fairey's HOPE illustration was plastered on street corners and in bedroom windows across the nation, hundreds of artists simultaneously realized that they too could freely contribute artwork to a campaign that inspired all kinds of creatives with very different backgrounds. But very few of them had the resources to mount a tactile, guerrilla street art campaign like Shepard Fairey.

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Matt Brass and the RV Family Travel Podcast

February 11, 2015

We love it when our artists and our fans get to collaborate. And that's exactly what happened when See America all-star Matt Brass teamed up with our good friends at the RV Family Travel Atlas podcast to make them a new logo! We're a big fan of the podcast (not least of which because they're big fans of See America) and love the new logo that Matt Brass made for them.


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Meet our new friends: Paint The Parks!

February 05, 2015

We always love finding new organizations helping artists use their talents for good. Our See America campaign has helped us find other park-minded artists, and when we just met Karin Leonard, founder of Paint The Parks, we knew we had to share it with our artists - especially all the CAN painters out there! 

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Litographs+Recovering the Classics

February 03, 2015

We love it when we can collaborate with creative organizations like our friends at Litographs, purveyor of wonderful literary products whose designs are made entirely using the text of the book it depicts. A natural partner of Recovering the Classics, Litographs offers a handful of our designs as a number of different items

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NPCA Annual Report

January 28, 2015

In case you missed this at the end of 2014, our wonderful partners at the National Park Conservation Association used A LOT of See America artwork to fill out their annual report, blending art and information to update their members of their progress during 2014. See below for photos of each spread (see if you can spot your design!) and download the pdf from NPCA.

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Meet the Artist: Justin Kemerling

January 21, 2015

Justin Kemerling is that rare mix of artists and organizer. He both organized the Power To The Poster campaign, seeking poster designs that are catalysts for change, and contributed some great designs himself. We got the chance to catch up with Justin recently, and here's what we learned.

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How This Image of MLK

How This Image of MLK "Took The Internet By Storm"

January 19, 2015

This Martin Luther King Day, we're looking back at one of CAN's most impactful images, honoring the civil rights icon in the best way we know how.

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Not Sure Which Park or Landmark to Illustrate?

January 14, 2015

We get asked which parks, monuments and landmarks would be best to illustrate, which need the most artist love. We were asked so much that we finally put our heads together with the fine folks at NPCA and poured over the 800 (!!!) designs and came up with the following list.

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The 12 Moments That Shaped Our 2nd Year

December 31, 2014

It's hard to believe that it's been two years since we launched Creative Action Network. Two years of crowdsourcing artwork, of sharing meaningful merchandise, and of getting artists paid. Thanks to all of you who have made it possible along the way. Here's a look back at the biggest moments of 2014.

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