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Artist Interview Series: Kyle Parker

June 05, 2018

Let's hear it for artists! To help kick off June Pride we asked Kyle Parker to share his thoughts on building confidence, marketing his work and staying authentic to himself as an artist. Happy reading and please join us here every week for an interview with a Creative Action Network artist!

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Artist Interview Series: Brooke Fischer

May 29, 2018

This week we interviewed Creative Action Network artist Brooke Fischer, who shared insights on her creative process, self-promotion and recent success in marketing her work. Please join us here each week for a new featured interview and as always, let’s hear it for artists!

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Contribute Art

Creative Action Network is a marketplace for social impact design work covering a range of progressive issues. We believe that art has the power to create real social change and, to that end, invite you to submit designs for the...

Artist Interview Series: Design By Goats

June 13, 2018

For this week's artist interview, CAN artist team Design By Goats shared their thoughts on networking, building community, and the importance of finding balance between life and career. Please join us here each week for perspectives on how our artists promote themselves and market their art. Happy reading!

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Artist Interview Series: Judy Clement Wall

May 22, 2018

For this week's artist interview, CAN invited artist Judy Clement Wall to share her behind-the-scenes process and her promotion strategies with all of us. Please join us here for a weekly perspective on the many ways our artists market and sell their work, from licensing to online shops to social media, and everything in between. Let's hear it for artists! 

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Artist Interview Series: Caitlin Alexander

May 14, 2018

Let's 'hear' it for artists! Each week, CAN invites one of our social action artists to share their unique journey from creating art to sharing it with the world. Please join us here weekly for interesting perspectives on self-promotion, helpful strategies and the creative process our artists use to market and sell their work. To kick off our interview series we asked CAN artist Caitlin Alexander to share her experience.

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