Wolves by Lyla Paakkanen

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Artist Statement

"I've drawn a lot of mammals that live in California, but I've never drawn a wolf until now. Technically there are no wild wolves in California since the 1940's when the last wolf was killed in a government extermination program. Now the Gray wolf is considered an endangered species and is protected. In 2012, a lone male gray wolf, named OR-7, or Journey. It traveled 1000 miles from Northern Oregon to Northern California to look for love. He didn't find a mate, so he traveled back into Oregon where he did find a mate and settled in Southern Oregon where they had pups. Now there is hope that the species will proliferate and filter back down into California. Of course there are farmers with livestock that might feel otherwise. Recently another wolf was spotted in California, near the border of California and Oregon. While living in Colorado, I thought that a wolf ran across the road that I was driving on at dusk, but might not had been a wolf but a large coyote dog. It might also have been a Mexican wolf. I was living in the South Eastern corner of the state and while Colorado does not officially have wild wolves, the Gray wolf has been sighted in Northern Colorado. There are several packs of Mexican wolves in New Mexico and Arizona, so with all of the wild open spaces in South Eastern Colorado, it would not be surprising for Mexican wolves to show up in that area. My only other encounter with wolves was at a wolf rescue in Paso Robles, California. They are larger than you would think, about 100 lbs. They are beautiful with an intelligence behind their eyes that makes me happy not to have ever met one in the wild!" - Lyla Paakkanen

Lyla Paakkanen lives in Sacramento, where the Pony Express ended its route. She is a freelance artist and illustrator, has a Master's Degree in Art from CSUN, Communications Design from UCLA. She taught art at 5 colleges and has won many awards in California and Colorado for her work.

About Join the Pack

Join the Pack, a collection of designs celebrating the wolf by portraying its wildness, mystery and general bad-assness. We hope to combat fear and misunderstanding of wolves by celebrating the species and building a greater appreciation for the iconic creatures. Proceeds support Earthjustice, using the power of law to defend our right to a healthy environment.

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