Vote the Air by Lyla Paakkanen

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Artist Statement

"When I was sketching out ideas for this campaign, I had wanted to make a statement for the air that we all breath. Everything is affected by the air that envelops our planet, but I wanted to represent the tenuous of all creatures by illustrating a bird that everyone knows, but whose existence could be threatened by the condition of the environment. I choose the pelican partly because it is a shore bird, therefore affected by the quality of the water as well as the pollution in the air and the availability of undisturbed nesting areas.? Consumption of pesticide-laden fish, lack of food, and disturbances by humans were responsible for a marked decline in reproductive success, and consequently a decline in numbers of the brown pelican species in the 1960s and 1970s. The eastern brown pelican remains endangered in Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Central and South America and the West Indies, but has been removed from the list in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Current information indicates that the California brown pelican has sufficiently recovered as a result of restrictions on the use of certain types of pesticides (organochlorines), and this news has prompted a proposal to delist this subspecies. There is hope for it's survival if we can change the way that we treat our environment, our beautiful planet.? In this design, I moved the letters of the text to represent the close industrial confines of our cities, with smoke pouring from it upright letter forms in the word, "Vote." A single bird flies through the pollution. Vote the Planet to insure, not just the survival of the pelican, because they and many other birds are an indicator of the health of our planet, but to insure the survival of us." - Lyla Paakkanen

Lyla Paakkanen lives in Sacramento, where the Pony Express ended its route. She is a freelance artist and illustrator, has a Master’s Degree in Art from CSUN, Communications Design from UCLA. She taught art at 5 colleges and has won many awards in California and Colorado for her work.

About Vote Our Planet

Vote Our Planet is a collection of political protest posters to communicate Patagonia’s belief that our country’s economy, security and future are wholly dependent on a healthy environment and urging all of us to take action and vote to protect our planet. A 2016 election season collaboration with Patagonia.

About our Prints

Each poster is hand-printed and handled, to make sure that only the highest quality is offered and sent out. The matte paper and high quality of inks make for a vibrant image which looks great both framed, and au-naturel. Printed in Los Angeles, CA, on Epson Enhanced Matte Paper, heavyweight stock, high color gamut, using Epson UltraChrome HDR ink-jet technology. Framed posters offer the same, museum-quality printed poster, but wrapped in a protective black frame. The frame is lightweight and includes a shatter-resistant acrylite front protector, so it won't break in the mail. International orders may be subject to customs duties & taxes.