The Secret Garden Ebook by Renee Rolewicz

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Artist Statement

"I grew up with this story, and something that always intrigued me was the mystery of the garden. I loved imagining what was behind the door, and that sense of wonder always drew me back in time and time again. So with this piece, I wanted to mimic that magic, and try to capture the passerby\'s attention, and draw them in by the mystery of the cover. " - Renee Rolewicz

Renee Rolewicz is a Chicago based illustrator. As a creative, she is a problem solver at heart and strives to deliver the most effective yet imaginative solutions at the highest of standards. Nothing excites her more than bringing an idea to life in an interesting, visual way – evolving, taking form, and being brought into existence. She finds it absolutely addicting, she is so in love, and wouldn’t want to be doing absolutely anything else, unless... it involved sweet potatoes or German Shepherds but thats another story.

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Recovering the Classics is a collection of new covers for 100 of the greatest works of fiction in the public domain. Together we can help to keep these classics fresh, modern, and accessible to new generations of readers. All cover designs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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