Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Coral Nafziger

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Artist Statement

"The two aspects of this book that most struck me were 1. Frederick Douglass was an extreme badass and 2. Frederick Douglass was a fierce advocate for literacy. When I look at other covers for this book, they strike me as stuffy because they depict an older, very stately Frederick Douglass. For him to appear like this was important to who he was in his time, but now, frankly, it looks boring. In this design, I wanted to show Frederick Douglass as a badass, but in a contemporary way. I chose a font that references graffiti and a color scheme that references punk rock. I depicted him with \"Fugitive\" tattooed across his knuckles for several reasons: the knuckle tattoos are meant to show badassery; the fact that he is shown with a word as a tattoo is meaningful because his relationship to the written word played an important role in his story; the word choice is relevant because Frederick Douglass was literally a fugitive because he sought freedom from slavery - he broke unjust laws, and had to evade (and often face) repercussions because of it. The background is abstracted text, meant to both evoke a punk rock aesthetic, and to reference Frederick Douglass\' connection to literacy. This is a powerful book written by an important figure in American history. I hope that this cover will inspire a new audience to delve into The Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. " - Coral Nafziger

Coral Nafziger is a designer and educator based out of Seattle.

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