Hermes II: A Future Mission to Titan by Daisy Patton

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Artist Statement

"In my design, I imagine a future mission to Titan, a moon of Saturn's that shows promising signs of water and potentially hospitable to human life. I chose Hermes II as its title for a few reasons. First, Hermes is the patron deity of travelers and diplomacy, an apt name for a mission of exploration. Also, in Greek mythology, the Titans were overthrown by the Olympians, so choosing Hermes (an Olympian) represents a reconciliation between our world and Titan. Finally, I'd like to think this is a series of missions that include astronauts from different countries of Earth, hence it being the second Hermes mission." - Daisy Patton

An artist/freelancer located in Boulder, Colorado, Daisy has lived all across America, such as California, Oklahoma, and Massachusetts. Her varied work focuses on history, memory, and social mythology, as well as playful illustration.

About Space Horizons

Space Horizons is a new collection of mission patch designs for your favorite past, present and future missions to help engage a new generation in the excitement of extending humanity’s reach beyond Earth. Proceeds support Space Horizons, an innovative non profit that promotes interest in STEM education for minority and female students in underserved communities.

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