Grand Canyon National Park Coin Ring

You'll love our new national park rings made from uncirculated, mint condition actual U.S. currency quarters! Handcrafted from quarters in the America The Beautiful series, each ring is double-sided with the national park of your choosing on the front of the band, as well as the year the quarter was minted on the back. Every ring is handcrafted to perfection and unique because of our patina process, and coated with a protective finish to preserve the details inside and out. Proudly made in the USA with a 1/4 inch band and smoothed bottom finish.

Proceeds Support:

Proceeds support Earthjustice, using the power of law to defend our right to a healthy environment.

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Carved by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon cuts through the state of Arizona and is over a mile deep in places. Grand Canyon National park was established as the 17th U.S. National Park by an Act of Congress.