Bridge Jack Mesa, Bears Ears National Monument by Rodney Buxton

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Artist Statement

Representing the vanishing present of my own perspective and the fleeting nature of my experiences, these digital paintings capture the vanishing presence of geological formations in several U.S. National Parks, as they struggle against the effects of climate change, threats of industrialized exploitation and commercial over-development. Presently, an experience within any national park can change relatively quickly as external, non-natural forces impact the landscape in a short span of years rather than over centuries. This intersection of my vanishing present and the parks - vanishing presence forms the basis for my own sense of neo-nostalgia - as my attempts to appreciate and capture various national parks through my transient experience in them. Conventionally, when one evokes the concept of nostalgia, it is a retrograde longing and romanticism for objects, values and attitudes of many decades or even centuries long past. Visually, images of these objects, values and experiences tend to be rendered in sepia and muted color tones. However, in visiting national parks such as Bryce Canyon National Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park, my experiences and memories are much more vivid. For me, neo-nostalgia is the recognition of the fleeting present, steeped in vibrant, almost hallucinogenic saturated visual tones that I present in these digital watercolors. This approach enhances the inherent drama of nature's monuments, in both perseverance and uncertainty. These pieces are my responses to the awe of nature's beauty, fears about the destruction of that beauty, and the hope that this destruction from outside human forces can be stopped and reversed in some manner. - Rodney Buxton

As an avid photographer, Rodney Buxton has been capturing photographic images of his travels for the past twenty years. Drawing on his previous experience as an amateur photographer and videographer, his interest in using photography as the basis for a business in digital art has evolved since early 2014. This interest led to the creation of On and Off the Road: Creative Images by Rodney Buxton. Having previously taken a basic Photoshop class to improve the quality of his travel photographs, he, at the start of 2014, began to utilize many of the more advanced techniques in the program to creatively manipulate his images for expressionistic and surrealistic purposes. What previously had been strict photographs are now painterly images growing out of his emotional reactions to travel sites that he now transforms into vivid dreamscape images. On and Off the Road: Creative Images by Rodney Buxton is physically located at 1535 Quince St., Denver, Colorado. As one important third of the business location, here is where he transforms his digital photographs into digital art. In addition, 'roads' and the many destinations to which they lead are the foundational 'moveable' locations of the company that are the inspiration for his creative images. The virtual location of the company is at While Rodney has a backlog of photographic images from previous trips, he looks forward to future travel as inspiration for his growing portfolio of creative photography, both on and off the road. Presently, he is in the planning stages for trips to Saguaro National Park in Spring 2018 and Yosemite National Park the following year. Rodney is presently an associate professor in Media, Film and Journalism Studies at the University of Denver, having taught film and television studies and production for twenty-four years.

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