A Sheep in Wolves Clothing by Jessica Till

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Artist Statement

"So often we think of wolves as the killers and thenemy but the reality is due to this misrepresentation of a Alex predator wolves have been pushed to the brink of extinction. Farmers even going on witch hunts to kill them before their flocks are attacked. Humans encroaching into the natural habitats of wild animals creates a war zone for those species. This image reflects on the juxtapositions of a \"weak\" sheep and the \"killer wolves\", showing the grim reality of humans encroaching on native species habbitats. I created this piece in pen and ink in 2005 for my college portfolio and it still remains relevant today. I do apologize for the pixilation I was unfortunately unable to rescan the piece at a high resolution, but I wished to share it if you desire to display it at some point I can gain access to the proper equipment and resend a much clearer and detailed version." - Jessica Till

As a Graphic Designer, i\'m determined to put my passions into practice. I\'m someone that recognizes that graphic design relies on culture and communication. I believe that content and purpose should always remain clear, because nothing should become lost in translation. Although I work strategically and strive for solutions, I can\'t help being a unique individual who sees things from alternative angles. I use my unique strengths, problem solving skills & creativity,to arrive at solutions that are fresh, expressive, and fun. Through my hard work and implementation of effective design, I will pursue my ideas relentlessly until they come to fruition.

About Join the Pack

Join the Pack, a collection of designs celebrating the wolf by portraying its wildness, mystery and general bad-assness. We hope to combat fear and misunderstanding of wolves by celebrating the species and building a greater appreciation for the iconic creatures. Proceeds support Earthjustice, using the power of law to defend our right to a healthy environment.

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