We’re so grateful for the beautiful work you’ve made and see it as our responsibility to help get it in front of as many people as possible! Here are some tactics we’ve found that can help get your poster seen and sold:

1. Email your people.

No one is more likely to buy your work than your friends and family. And email is BY FAR the most effective channel for selling work. So send them an email! They'll be excited to support you, especially with the holidays coming up and everyone looking for gifts to give with personal stories attached. 

2. Social Media. 

After email, social media is the next biggest driver of sales on CAN. The more channels you're on, the more people will see you. People want to get to know you, hear what inspires you, see into your process. Sharing content like that regularly, with the occasional call to buy a product, is a great way to build a following. 

Twitter: Be short, and include an image. Whenever possible, use the campaign hashtag (i.e. #SeeAmerica, #VoteTheEnvironment) - that way we'll be able to RT you and get our partners to do the same.

Facebook: Put in a link to your work, and it should pull the image automatically. Since there's no character limit, tell a story when you can. What's your work inspired by? How did you make it? 

Instagram: We're starting to see a lot more people move to Instagram, and it's perfect for beautiful images. Like with twitter, using the campaign hashtag is a great way to get more attention on your post

Tumblr & Pinterest: Also perfect for images like your work. Finding communities interested in the same type of work you're into can quickly build your following. 

3. Rinse and Repeat!

These things take time, and you've got to stay with it. Our best-selling artists have spent years growing their following and building relationships with their communities. Don't get discouraged, and let us know if we can every help with anything! 

Make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and/or Instagram to keep up to date about new campaigns and developments from C.A.N. A lot of cool new things are coming down the pipeline and we want you to be the first to know.