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Creative Action Network is a marketplace for social impact design work covering a range of progressive issues. We believe that art has the power to create real social change and, to that end, invite you to submit designs for the causes that are most important to you. Below is a list of some common questions and answers about participating as an artist.

Q: What is Creative Action Network?

A: We are a small, for-profit, public-benefit company that believes in the power of art to fuel social change and that great things can happen when creatives and activists work together. We help organizations spread their messages and creatives to make a passive income by creating and selling products featuring art from our growing community of passionate creatives. Our customers love to project their progressive values and support talented artists and worthy causes.

Q: How do I participate?

A: Any and every type of visual artist is encouraged to submit two dimensional, visual artwork about any progressive cause or as a part of one of our ongoing campaigns. You are welcome to submit a new design or alter an old work. You are also welcome to submit as many designs as you'd like (as long as each one is a distinctly different concept, and not multiple variations of one concept). Every design that meets the requirements listed on the creative brief will be accepted and published for sale as a print on our website. Checkout our main uploader here, as well as a list of different campaigns here to review the creative briefs, create an account and upload work.

You retain ownership of your work and give us permission to sell and market it on your behalf in exchange for 10% of all revenue from sales. Additionally, 1% of revenue is donated to a non-profit partner on your behalf. You also retain the right to remove your work from out platform at any point. You can read the full artist terms and conditions here.

Q: How do I make money by selling my work with CAN?

A: Simply by uploading your work, it is both offered for sale as a print and enters the CAN library that is available to our licensing and retail Partners. All products sold through our website are produced as print-on-demand products, meaning that nothing is produced until it is purchased by a customer. Additionally, we have a network of licensing and retail partners who license content from us to create things like books, calendars, apparel (and more!) that are sold across the internet and in various brick and mortar retailers like Barnes and Noble and Urban Outfitters.

For all ecommerce, retail, publishing and licensing sales, you get 10% of all revenues and 1% of revenue is donated to a non-profit partner on your behalf.

Q: How do I track my sales on CAN?

A: At the end of every quarter we aggregate all of our sales and generate sales report PDFs that we email to you at the address you used to submit your work. When you have exceeded $50 in profits in a given quarter, we enroll you in our payroll service (Gusto) if tyou have a US bank account or otherwise send you a Paypal payment. Your balance will accrue from quarter to quarter and you will be paid out whenever you exceed $50.


Q: I'm having trouble logging in! What do I do?

A: For starters, make sure that you're logging in here and not using the login button in the menu. If it still doesn't recognize your account, then it's likely you made your account before we were using Submittable. All you need to do is create a new account we'll link up the new one to your existing CAN profile.


Q: How does my work support non-profits?

A: Every topic/cause is connected to a non-profit partner who receives 1% of the revenue from the sale of work representing that cause. Like artists, our cause partners receive quarterly sales reports and payments to support their work. Additionally, our partners are able to use the artwork in their materials and communications to help create a stronger emotional connected with their audience, a power truly unique to the arts!


Q: How do I promote and sell my work on CAN?

A: While we will regularly share content from across our library on our different social channels, we've found that the best determinant of sales is when an artist is able to successfully market themselves to their audience. Whether you have a big following or a small one, it is important to share your work and to share it often and across multiple channels. Marketing yourself and your work can feel uncomfortable at first but your friends and family would love an opportunity to support your work and great causes (especially when they're looking for interesting and meaningful gifts around the holidays!) Checkout our artist interview series for some tips and tricks!


Q: What kind of products can my work be sold as?

A: We sell prints, apparel, mugs, tote bags, pillows and a few more things as print-on-demand products on our website. All print-on-demand products are supplied by Printful with locations in Los Angeles, North Carolina and the EU. We also work with publishers to create and sell calendars, books and postcard books. We also work with a range of licensing partners to produce specialty gift items like wallets, phone cases, patches and more! A human creates every product and ensures that the design fits and looks great.

Q: Where is my work sold in addition to the CAN website?

In short, as many places as we can! We believe that more exposure means more awareness and more money for artists and causes so we work hard to put progressive art in front of as many eyeballs as possible. Our books and calendars are avaialble at booksellers nationwide, we have apparel at major retailers like Urban Outfitters, and our book and other parks products are avaialble at National Park giftshops nationwide. We also partner with other ecommerce groups like iCanvas, Wayfair, Zazzle and digital licensees like Meural. In all cases CAN and the designer are credited and all sales will appear on your sales statement with information about the partner. In addition to these partners, there are more third party partners who may be involved, and if you ever are unsure about seeing your work somewhere, let us know and we’re happy to look into it!