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Education, Summertime Reading and Afterschool Time Tote Bag by Lia Marcoux

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"I’m a children’s illustrator, and my greatest priorities are diverse representation and effective storytelling. The mood I wanted to evoke for this piece was one of peacefulness and possibility. I never found summer reading to be a burden. I love the library; it makes me feel wealthy! To me, summer reading combined the luxury of a place where you can read or experience anything you see, and the luxury of the time to do it.

The challenge of this piece was working with a limited palette. I usually rely a wide range of vibrant colors to set the mood, so I spent a lot of time experimenting with different coordinating hues and tints. It also meant using digital media instead of watercolor combined with digital painting, as I wouldn’t be able to control the colors tightly enough in watercolor. The benefit of working purely digitally (in this case in Illustrator, with some textural elements added in Photoshop) is that the colors stay fluid - I’d probably be tweaking them even now if I could, searching for a perfect green!" -Lia

Libraries are a place of discovery for everyone in our communities. VoteLibraries means more than just that the doors to the library are open, it means that the librarians have the resources they need to support individual and community exploration, education, and enjoyment. The library is at the heart of our community because everyone is welcome to discover.

Lia Marcoux is a professional childrens' illustrator, currently based in Somerville, MA. Her clients include Hasbro, Inc., Highlights for Children, Circletime Kids and others, for work involving narrative illustration, toy design, assets for animation, and editorial illustration. Lia hopes to work in book publishing and prioritizes storytelling. Her paintings are a blend of watercolor and digital media. She's available for freelance and personal commission.

This all-over printed tote bag has an image from seam to seam on both sides. Printed on polyester and with two black, 28" handles this tote is ideal for carrying along every day. The tote is 15" x 15" in size and is made and printed in Los Angeles, CA.

About Vote Libraries

Vote Libraries is a collection of designs depicting the changing way that libraries serve communities and the importance of supporting them with your vote. Since the beginning of our country, libraries are an integral part in the life of towns and cities. Proceeds support EveryLibrary, the first and only national organization dedicated exclusively to political action at a local level to create, renew, and protect public funding for libraries of all types.

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