O.J. and the White Bronco, Los Angeles, June 17, 1994 by Louise Norman

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Artist Statement

"This moment paved the way for the mega sports star celebrity and the inevitable huge media circus which surrounds the demise of sports stars/celebrities through scandals and the public\'s appetite for them as entertainment. It has become one of the most memorable tv moments and bizarrely united millions of people watching the live event unfolding. I started out making my piece by doing research, I watched a couple of documentaries on the OJ Simpson car chase and trial to re-familiarise myself with the back story and time surrounding the moment. I also collected images of the car chase, OJ, the Bronco car, etc.. to focus my ideas on OJ and the car chase. I wanted to focus on the iconic image of the car chase where OJ is in the back of the Bronco with all the cop cars behind him on the freeway to recreate it in a new light, specifically cop car light! The dazzling, all encompassing, overwhelming wall of cop cars and lights, magnifies how it might have felt for OJ being hounded. The spotlight of the cars and the world was most definitely on OJ and the Bronco. The lights also form kind of a brick wall invoking the idea of sports stars/celebrities being protected behind a brick wall or treated differently as well as the phrase \'the writing\'s on the wall\' as in his time was almost up, he was caught." - Louise Norman

Louise is an illustrator and graphic designer based near Manchester, England. She\'s interested in block colour, bold illustration and simple layout while always looking out for the details. She loves books, abstract art, learning Japanese and running.

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