Workers Rights Face Mask Variety 10-Pack


Wear a face mask with art and a powerful message on it! Face masks can help keep everyone safe and for every mask purchased, a mask is donated to an essential worker who needs one via our partnership with Facemasks are designed by independent artists to help support the essential worker community and other worthy social causes. Our face masks are machine washable, have reinforced stitching and two layers of breathable cotton, with cotton elastic ear bands. One size fits most adults. Please note: This is not a medical mask. This mask is not for medical use and is not considered personal protective equipment. All face mask sales are final.

Proceeds Support:
HaadcountProceeds support HeadCount, a non-partisan organization that works with musicians to promote participation in democracy. Vote! is a non-partisan button campaign that encourage people to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming US midterm elections.

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The Help A Worker face mask variety pack comes with ten designs: People Power by Roberlan Paresqui, Essential Workers Need Essential Rights by Roberlan Paresqui, Vote Like Your Rights Depend On It by Amy Smith, Pro-Health = Anti-Monopoly by Holly Savas, People Over Profits by Amy Smith, Essential Workers by Rocky Casillas, Workers In, Monopolies Out by Holly Savas, Power To The Workers by Roberlan Paresqui, I Am Not Disposable by Susanne Lamb and WE CAN DO IT! by David Hays.