Vote Like Your Rights Depend On It Hemp Button Variety Pack

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Political art buttons made from hemp paper are earth-friendly and fun! Hemp paper is better for our planet than conventional paper, and each button features activist artwork printed with non-toxic toner on an eco-friendly printer, in a workshop run via solar panels and geothermal technology. Buttons and pins from Creative Action Network are the perfect gift or party favor for friends and family young and old. An easy, eco-friendly choice! Made in the USA.

Proceeds Support:
Proceeds support Ultraviolet, a powerful and rapidly growing community of people from all walks of life mobilized to fight sexism and expand women's rights.

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Introducing new eco-friendly hemp buttons that help get out the vote! Made with care by Busy Beaver Button Company in Chicago, IL., our new hemp paper buttons are made from hemp stalks, which take less time and space to grow than regular trees, and the artwork is printed with non-toxic toner on an eco-friendly printer with parts created from recycled US made steel. Busy Beaver Buttons is powered via solar panels and heated as well as cooled by geothermal technology, too! The artwork in this button variety pack is by Lorraine Nam, Amy Smith, Manuela Guillen, Liza Donovan and David Hays.