Posters For A Green New Deal: 50 Removable Posters To Inspire Change

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Love books, activism and art? You’ve come to the right place! Books from Creative Action Network bring together artwork from hundreds of artists all over the world in support and celebration of the social causes we care about. Beautifully illustrated in a broad range of styles, social activist books are the perfect gift for readers of all ages and for family, coworkers and friends who are socially conscious, appreciate good design and care about the world we live in.

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Proceeds support Sunrise Movement, a growing army of young people dedicate to making climate change an urgent priority across America, ending the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives on our politics, and electing leaders who stand up for the health and well-being of all people. Learn more about the project here.

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In a world full of challenges, one of the most important problems we find ourselves facing today is climate change. The changing climate and its effects on our planet threaten our health and our society, and only through working together can we begin to slow it. Our country has faced great challenges before, meeting them with industry and sweeping programs like those of the New Deal. With that legacy and our collective imagination, our action and our creativity, we can we accomplish the same progress today with a Green New Deal.

"The Green New Deal is the most exciting idea in American politics for decades -- and as these powerful posters make clear, it's grabbed the attention not just of policy wonks but of the artists who can translate these ideas into images that move us all!" ~ Bill McKibben, bestselling author of Deep Economy

Like the artists of the New Deal’s WPA (Works Progress Administration) before us, we at Creative Action Network rallied our creative community to join this fight and create artwork for the Green New Deal. From that artwork, we made a Green New Deal poster book with 50 perforated pages that can be removed and put up anywhere. Our goal is to help the public understand and imagine what could be possible with this exciting new set of policies, like the artists of the original New Deal helped to inform and advocate for those innovative programs over 80 years ago. We are inspired by Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) and Senator Ed Markey who are leading the charge in Congress for a Green New Deal. 

For more on our Green New Deal art project, read about our Green New Deal poster launch at the Bold v. Old conference in 2019 and about our GND poster popup show in San Francisco in early 2020. Our Green New Deal poster book measures 11 x 14" and comes with fifty perforated Green New Deal posters designed by independent artists. The book is FSC-certified with paper made with responsibly sourced wood fiber, and printed with non-toxic, soy based ink. It's published by Workman Publishing in New York, NY.

Poster topics and artists included:

Energy: Solar, Wind and Wave by Bradley Abner
Breathing New Life Into America by Caitlin Alexander

Green New Deal by Chris Arnold
Eat Less Meat by Sarah Bloom 
Growing Strong Together by Sarah Bloom
Public Broadband by Roberlan Borges
Green Lantern, Green New Deal by Isaac Brynjegard-Bialik
Climate Justice by Emily Cork
Fight by Josh DeWare
GND: Jobs + Money + Earth by Liza Donovan
As Sure as the Sun Will Rise by Brixton Doyle
AOC: Green New Deal by Brooke Fischer
Green New Deal by Brooke Fischer
Oceans by Mark Forton
Plant a Tree, Plant Life by Eleni Georgiadou
Time to Act by Kita Healy
We Demand a Green New Deal by Shane Henderson
The Green New Deal by Patrick Hershberger
Agriculture Makes America Great by Jordan Johnson
The Green New Deal by Jordan Johnson
Climate Justice is Economic Justice by Kate Leib
We All Deserve a Future by Holly Maguire
Like A Tree, I Will Grow by Giselle Matz
Growing Together by James McInvale
Workforce Power by Trevor Messersmith
Infrastructure: Fix, Build, Evolve by Trevor Messersmith

Let's Get to Work / Make it Green by Ryan Oakley
Our Planet Week - Future by Asia Orlando
Invest in Green Energy by Marc Osborne
Bike More, Drive Less: Green Transportation by Kaitlyn Parker
We Need A Green New Deal by Aaron Perry-Zucker
Clean Air. Clean Water. by Luis Prado
Go Solar by Luis Prado
Kick the Habit by Luis Prado
Save Climate Refugees by Aditi Raychoudhury
Water is Life by Patrick Risberg
Green New Deal by Shayna Roosevelt
Clean and Green by Holly Savas
Homes for Everyone by Holly Savas
Unite with Nature for a Green New Deal by Magda Skierko
Unite by Mandy Sloan
Shall We Clear the Air? by Holly St. Clair
Build it Clean by Becky Terhune
Don't Frack with Our Lives by Becky Terhune
Fund Education by Mark Wagner
A Jobs Guarantee by James Williamson
Electric Gets You There by James Williamson
Helping Hands by Isabelle Vandeplassche
Be the Change by Tania Yakunova
Green is the New Black by Tania Yakunova

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Lilly W.
United States

Beautiful art! Frames great! Wow!

Every poster is perfect in its own way and make fabulous wall art.

Kathryn R.
United States United States

Wonderful book

We have drawn from these posters for library climate project and Green New Deal for Minneapolis. Great work!

Mary H.
United States United States


I shared with like minded friends

Frances F.
United States United States

Art changing the world

Great quality, frame-able, coffee table worthy too.

James L.
United States United States

Some terrific images ready for framing!

Great job on this - will share the book with others after we do our final picks for framing. Must be very careful removing at the perf line of each.