Everyday Activist Mask and Sock Variety Pack

Face Masks

We march on! Iconic feminist socks depict the trailblazing leaders of our times and inspire us to keep fighting for the things we care about. Each pair of super comfy, cotton blend crew and ankle socks is machine washable, one size fits most and is designed by Maggie Stern Stitches in Concord, MA based on her favorite role models of history and today. The perfect gift for feminists young and old!

Wear a face mask with fun art and a powerful message on it! Masks can help keep everyone safe and for every mask purchased, a mask donated to an essential worker who needs one via our partnership with Coworker.org. Designed by independent artists to help support the essential worker community and other worthy social causes, our masks are machine washable, have reinforced stitching and two layers of breathable cotton, with cotton elastic ear bands. One size fits most adults. Please note: This is not a medical mask. This mask is not for medical use and is not considered personal protective equipment. All face mask sales are final.

Proceeds Support:
Proceeds support Ultraviolet, a powerful and rapidly growing community of people from all walks of life mobilized to fight sexism and expand women's rights.

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Make a statement with a different face mask and feminist socks for every day of the week! Comes with seven non-medical masks that includePro-Health = Anti-Monopoly, Power to the Workers, People Power, Essential Workers, People Over Profits, Vote Like Your Rights Depend On It and We Can Do It, and seven pairs of socks including Michelle Obama crew socks, Hillary Clinton crew socks, RBG crew socks, Sonia Sotomayor ankle socks, Nancy Pelosi ankle socks, Rosie the Riveter ankle socks and AOC ankle socks. Socks best fit women's sizes 8-12.