"Trust that meaningful conversations can change the world." Illustrated by Julia Rothman

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Each Creative Action Network poster is hand-printed and handled to make sure that only the highest quality is offered and sent out. The sturdy matte paper and premium inks create a vibrant, museum-quality image that looks great both framed and unframed. Posters are printed in Los Angeles, CA on Epson Enhanced Matte Paper heavyweight stock, with a wide color gamut and Epson UltraChrome HDR ink-jet technology. The framed poster arrives wrapped in a protective yet lightweight black frame and includes a shatter-resistant acrylite front protector that won't break during shipping. International orders may be subject to customs duties & taxes. 

Proceeds Support:
Proceeds support DreamCorps, a social justice accelerator founded by Van Jones that advances economic, environmental, and criminal justice solutions. 1200 Posters was one of Creative Action Network's first campaigns, originally inviting 12 up-and-coming artists to illustrate 1 of 12 quotes about community, conversation and collaboration from Margaret Wheatley's text "Turning to One Another".

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Artist Statement

There is always a need for beautiful posters in the word, especially ones with inspiring quotes. This project has created such an incredible unique series of designs, that while all feel so different stylistically, are united by their common message. I'm so honored to have my poster complete the set. The quote I was asked to illustrate couldn't have been a better fit for me, as I am a big talker. I love being around friends and family and would without a doubt give up an evening alone to spend with anyone, even a stranger, in conversation. I am always sharing ideas, getting feedback on my work, and doing collaborative projects with other artists. Every day working with my partners Jenny and Matt at ALSO is energizing because they see things from a different point of view from me and we often get into long discussions brainstorming ideas for projects. Usually when the three of us work on something as opposed to one or two of us, it comes out the best and we also tend to have the most fun. I'm also lucky to live in Brooklyn where there is a real community of artists who are happy to support one another whether it's for business advice, ideas about their work or just showing up at one another's gallery shows. For this image I wanted to show scenes around the world blended together. I compiled handdrawn images I of cities in the computer and unified the image with the palette. I imagined the insides of these buildings buzzing with people in conversation and wanted to show that through the use of word bubbles streaming out of the windows. Though you might not be able to read what they are talking about, even with a magnifying glass, you can imagine there are some real important things getting said! — Julia Rothman