The Importance of Being Ernest Notecard by Coral Nafziger

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Catching up on your correspondence? Do it the classic way and pop one of our sweet little notecards into the mailbox! Our Recovering the Classics notecards are the perfect way to go old school and also make a great gift for classic literature lovers of all ages. With cover art inspired by the classic literature titles that have enter the public domain, each notecard is designed with care by a member of our artist community and handpicked by Team CAN. Each folded notecard measures 4.25 x 5.5” is blank on the inside, comes with an envelope, and is produced using environmentally friendly vegetable-based inks and solvents. FSC® Certification by the Rainforest Alliance.

Proceeds Support:
The Digital Public Library of America amplifies the value of libraries as Americans’ most trusted sources of shared knowledge. They do this by proactively collaborating with partners in the field to accelerate innovative tools and ideas that empower and equip libraries to broaden digital access to information. Recovering The Classics is a crowdsourced collection of original book covers for some of the greatest works in the public domain, where anyone can contribute.

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Artist Statement

I love reading because sometimes I want to escape from reality and it allows me to do that, but when I want to delve deep into reality, books are there to teach me about anything I want to know. I first read the Importance of Being Earnest when I was a teenager. I found the title really off-putting because it seemed so serious. It was a delight to discover how silly and clever the book was, and how even the title was a joke. My good friend, who I have known since we were kids, is the one who turned me on to Oscar Wilde. She has remained a big fan of his work, and gave her son the middle name, "Wilde." — Coral Nafziger