Outer Space Neck Tie


Necktie fashion comes and goes, but our new ties that support amazing social causes will never go out of style! With unique designs that are sure to spark a conversation, our ties are fast favorites with dads and grads alike. Made of poly-satin to create a bit of luxe sheen, each tie is printed on the front with a solid-color back. Please hand wash, hang flat to dry, iron on low and wear proudly!

Proceeds Support:

Proceeds support Space Horizons, an innovative non profit that promotes interest in STEM education for minority and female students in underserved communities. Space Horizons is a new collection of mission patch designs for your favorite past, present and future missions to help engage a new generation in the excitement of extending humanity’s reach beyond Earth.

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Featuring over a dozen different designs, each for a NASA space mission including:

Gemini IV by Steve Hogan
Juno by Ben Farrow
Telstar by Peter Komierowski
Viking 1 by Peter Komierowski
New Horizons by Zuyva Sevilla
Space Shuttle Discovery by Austin Remer
Dawn by Mattie Lynch
Caelus by Michael Czerniawski
Rosetta-Philae by Louise Norman
Mercury Atlas 6 by Jennifer Brigham
Space Shuttle Discovery by Jennifer Brigham
Apollo 8 by Brian Folchetti
International Space Station (ISS) by Luis Prado