Launching Inauguration Day: 100 Artists, 100 Days - Here's What Makes America Great

January 19, 2017

Launching Inauguration Day: 100 Artists, 100 Days - Here's What Makes America Great

America is great. The things that make it great are unique to each and every one of us, and deserve to be celebrated. In a recent CBS interview, Jon Stewart pointed out how despite recent rhetoric, we have yet to hear details on what, specifically, makes America great. So in this political moment artists nationwide are harnessing their talents for good - illustrating the things that truly makes America great. 

Creative Action Network (CAN), a global community of artists and designers making art with purpose, has invited 100 artists around the country to create 100 posters depicting what makes America great to them. CAN will be releasing 1 print a day for the first 100 days of the new administration, starting on January 20: Inauguration Day.

Artists featured include Elle Luna, Nikkolas Smith, and Liza Donovan, who's recent poster, Hear Our Voicewas selected for distribution at the Women's March on Washington, and many more artists across the country. “As an immigrant, I have encountered with humbleness and gratitude, the respect given in the United States to a vast array of voices. Finding value in diversity and inclusivity, drives this nation forward. Plurality of this kind, makes America great," said artist Juana Medina of her piece, Plurality Makes America GreatMichael Czerniawski, an educator outside of Chicago, said of his piece, Civil Disobedience Makes America Great, "Activists across the timeline of our country have stood up for what is right on behalf of us all. This piece is an attempt to depict some of those struggles and how they have become an honored part of our country's history.

"Art has the unique power to spotlight and celebrate our shared values and ideals, and elevate the things we're fighting to protect. We hope this grassroots movement of artists can help shift the conversation from one of fear, to one of hope," said Max Slavkin, co-founder and CEO of Creative Action Network. 

All prints will be available for sale to support the artists, and CAN is donating 10% of proceeds to DreamCorps, a social justice accelerator founded by Van Jones, supporting economic, environmental, and criminal justice endeavors. 

"Art is the soul of the movement. Art and artists help us connect our heads with our hearts in order see with new perspective our struggles, possibilities, and strength.  We are proud to participate in this campaign and to share this art with the thousands of people who make up America’s #LoveArmy," said Jeremy Hays, Chief Engagement Office for DreamCorps.

The collection will be live, with a new poster added ever day beginning 1/20 here.

Visit the shop to see more posters, contribute your own, or buy your favorites to support the artists and DreamCorps here.

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