July Design Challenge: Postcards from America's Swing Districts

July 03, 2018

July Design Challenge: Postcards from America's Swing Districts

Beginning in July, we're partnering with Swing Left to shine a light on the 78 "winnable" Swing Districts and inspire everyone to volunteer and get out the vote in the midterms!

Creative Brief

With the midterm elections almost here, we as a country are getting our first opportunity since the 2016 election to be heard at the ballot box. We have a chance to flip the House blue and put a major check on the current administration. Which is why we’re partnering with Swing Left, to shine a light on the 78 "winnable" Swing Districts and inspire everyone to volunteer in these districts to get out the vote in the midterms, because there is so much at stake.

Between now and the election on November 6th, 2018, we’re seeking travel postcards that depict each of the 78 Swing Districts (listed below). We’re inviting artists and designers from in or near these districts to celebrate what is unique and wonderful about each district (such as hometown heroes or landmarks), as a creative way to encourage volunteers to visit their closest district with Swing Left to knock on voters’ doors, which is the most effective way to drive turnout. Click here to find your closest Swing District.

Your Design Should:

  • Depict one of the 78 districts listed below. (You don’t have to live in the Swing District. Choose a Swing District near you, your hometown, or one that you feel a connection to.)
  • Take inspiration from vintage postcards that include images within the name of the location.
  • Prominently depict the full state name and district number (ie. “California’s 45th”).
  • Optional: Include a tagline like “Explore America’s Swing Districts” or “Volunteer in your local Swing District”
  • Be a horizontally oriented, 20" by 16" RGB image at a resolution of 200dpi (4000 by 3200 pixels) that is a JPG or PNG
  • Keep a safe area of at least 1" on all sides (don’t place text too close to the edge)
  • Include an apparel file that is layered or includes a transparent background (AI, PSD, PNG, TIFF)

Submit Your Design(s) Here

How-It Works

Creative Action Network is a marketplace for social impact design work covering a range of progressive issues. All designs that meet the requirements listed below will be published as prints and select designs will be made into apparel and other home goods. You will receive 40% of all profits and 10% will be donated to our non-profit cause partners.

Proceeds Support

Proceeds from this campaign will support Swing Left, a political group working to win a Democratic majority in the House of Representatives in 2018 by building a grassroots network of volunteers and donors in targeted Swing Districts across the United States. All submitted artwork may be used by Swing Left in their online & offline campaign materials. 

Swing Districts

  1. Alaska At-Large
  2. AL-02
  3. AZ-01
  4. AZ-02
  5. CA-07
  6. CA-10
  7. CA-21
  8. CA-24
  9. CA-25
  10. CA-39
  11. CA-45
  12. CA-48
  13. CA-49
  14. CO-03
  15. CO-06
  16. FL-07
  17. FL-13
  18. FL-15
  19. FL-18
  20. FL-26
  21. FL-27
  22. GA-06
  23. IA-01
  24. IA-02
  25. IA-03
  26. IL-06
  27. IL-10
  28. IL-12
  29. IN-09
  30. KS-02
  31. KS-03
  32. KY-06
  33. ME-02
  34. MI-07
  35. MI-08
  36. MI-11
  37. MN-01
  38. MN-02
  39. MN-03
  40. MN-07
  41. MN-08
  42. NC-02
  43. NC-09
  44. NC-13
  45. NE-02
  46. NH-01
  47. NH-02
  48. NJ-02
  49. NJ-03
  50. NJ-05
  51. NJ-07
  52. NJ-11
  53. NM-02
  54. NV-03
  55. NV-04
  56. NY-03
  57. NY-11
  58. NY-19
  59. NY-22
  60. NY-24
  61. OH-01
  62. PA-01
  63. PA-06
  64. PA-07
  65. PA-08
  66. PA-10
  67. PA-17
  68. TX-07
  69. TX-23
  70. TX-32
  71. UT-04
  72. VA-02
  73. VA-05
  74. VA-07
  75. VA-10
  76. WA-03
  77. WA-08
  78. WI-01


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