Recovering the Classics: A Week of Press & New Friends

June 05, 2013

It’s now been a week since our launch of Recovering the Classics, and it’s been nothing but great news and collaboration. Many thanks to the following publications for helping us launch with so much positive support! 

Fast Company Design: "Crowdsourcing Spiffy New Book Covers For 50 Literary Masterpieces" 

The New York Observer’s Betabeat: "Recovering the Classics Launches to Give Public Domain Books Decent Covers, at Long Last"

Publishers Weekly: "Plympton Gives Classic Lit A Facelift Through New Promotion"

The Huffington Post: "Classic Book Covers Reinvented"

TODAY.Com: "Judge By Their Covers: Classic Book Designs Reimagined"

GOOD: "Why We’re Crowdsourcing Art For Classic Book Covers"

PaidContent: "Liked Jane Eyre, hated the cover? Now designers can sell classic books with new jackets" 

Print Magazine: "Weekend Heller"

WBUR: "Classic Book Covers Reimagined"

Publishing Perspectives: "Recovering the Classics: DailyLit Gives a Facelift to Public Domain Titles"

Upstart Biz Journal: "Slideshow: Crowdsourcing the classics: Iconic book covers re-imagined"

Wwwhat’s New: "Renewing Classic Covers with Recovering The Classics"

Operagasm: "O’s Book Club!"

Apartment Therapy: "Classic Books Get Crowdsourced Cover Art"

Skullastic: "Recovering the Classics"

Brainstorm9: "Recovering the Classics: Ajude a recriar capas de livros clássicos" "Una iniciativa para rediseñar las portadas de los clásicos de la literatura"

Also in News

We March On: A Gift Guide for The Most Important Election Ever
We March On: A Gift Guide for The Most Important Election Ever

September 22, 2020

RBG was a hero to all of us, and now it's our job to continue her legacy of fighting for equality. The upcoming election is our best chance to make our voices heard, to speak up and do good things that will inspire others to do the same. In the spirit of good things and good causes, we're proud to introduce CAN's new 2020 voter gift guide, with merchandise that all gives back to our non profit partners and UltraViolet. We've all got to vote (and vote hard!) this fall so please make sure you're registered to vote and that you know how to vote by mail. Voting has already started in several states! 

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We've Given Away 4,000 Free Masks (and Counting)
We've Given Away 4,000 Free Masks (and Counting)

August 24, 2020

We're excited to announce our new face mask collection that gives free masks to workers! For every mask we sell, we donate a mask to a essential worker who needs one. We've already distributed 4,000 free masks since July and we're so grateful to everyone who helped us get this project off the ground. A huge thank you to for getting our masks out into the world and to Economic Security Project for their generous support. Thanks to all the artists who contributed designs to this project and for always being so enthusiastic about our art campaigns. And thanks to you, our customers, for helping us get more masks into the hands of essential workers who need them! Our mask collection is growing fast and we thought you'd enjoy the story of how it all started. Thanks so much for reading and as always, thanks for wearing a mask! ~Team CAN

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The Best Election Year Gifts for Feminists
The Best Election Year Gifts for Feminists

August 10, 2020

Elections are coming and the excitement of change is in the air! As we gear up to vote in a few months and look forward to a better future, we can't help but think back to a century ago when the 19th Amendment was officially adopted and women finally won the right to vote. It's been a hundred years and we've come a long way, but there are is still plenty of work to be done, which is why we've partnered with independent artists to create a collection of the best feminist gifts as we head into November. Every feminist gift we sell helps support UltraViolet organization in their hard work to advance the cause of all women, and we won't stop marching until there's equality for all. 

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