Our First-Ever Secret Santa, Artist Portrait Swap

December 06, 2014

It’s become tradition around here to have fun with Holiday/New Year’s Cards and as this year’s holiday season approached, in addition to our normal holiday cards to friends and customers, we wanted to do something new with our artists. We thought about how much we love getting to know the artists who contribute work to our campaigns but about how it’s always a 1-1 connection, us to them and back. We have yet to do much to help connect our artists with each other. That’s why about a month ago we invited anyone who has contributed to a CAN campaign to signup for a Secret Santa Portrait Swap. The idea was that everyone would create a portrait of a fellow CAN artist and receive one from someone else. 39 talented and incredibly diverse individuals of all ages and from all over the world signed up and are now receiving their gorgeous portraits and their first personal contact from another CAN artist! Thanks to everyone who participated! Take a look at their work:

Bonus Selfies!! I'll keep adding them as they come in:



Amanda Pulawski by Niva Scott

Ann-Christine Pineiro by Laura Worrick

Audrey Boyle by Marissa Bunting

Aurora Cacciapuoti by Monica Alisse

Brandon Kish by Roberlan Borges

Bruce Gionet by Rafael Sanzio

Cheryl Hobbs by Victoria Fernandez

Chris Lozos by Prescott Powers

Deborah Whetstone by Trey Everett

Devin Watson by Deborah Whetstone

Ed Gaither by Justine Beech

Elena Ospina by Monika Mori

Elle Beeden by Devin Watson

Evana Gerstman by Yadesa Bojia

Jenny Brigham by Brandon Kish

Joseph Sweeney by Orion Pahl

Justine Beecher by Cheryl Hobbs

Kailee of Design by Goats by Shane Henderson

Kelsey Shields by Ed Gaither

Kjell-Roger Ringstad by Patricia Weston

Laura Worrick by Chris Lozos

Lia Marcoux by Kailee of Design by Goats

Lisa Hummel by Audrey Boyle

Marissa Bunting by Natalia Rodriguez

Monica Alisse by Joseph Sweeney

Monika Mori by Taylor Petty

Nicholas Hagar by Eleanor Beeden

Niva Scott by Lisa Hummel

Orion Pahl by Amanda Pulawski

Patricia Weston by Ann-Christine Pineiro

Prescott Powers by Jenn Brigham

Rafael Sanzio (Autoboikot) by Kelsey Shields

Roberlan Borges by Lia Marcoux

Shane Henderson by Kjell-Roger Ringstad

Taylor Petty by Aurora Cacciapuoti

Trey Everett by Evana Gertsman

Victoria Fernandez by Elena Ospina

Yadesa Bojia by Nicholas Hagar


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