Philip Taylor

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Philip Taylor Artist Bio Philip Taylor is a modern Renaissance man. He and his wife and four sons live on 150 acres of land in a house they designed and built themselves in west Texas. He has designed and built high-end custom furniture for a living and mastered many aspects of craft as well as painting and drawing. He and his family are also accomplished musicians and run a family farming operation. This broad cultural training and much study of the arts in general has informed and infiltrated every aspect of his work. His oil paintings reveal not only a refined craftsman, but a sensitive observer of human nature. They also reveal an artist who loves design and beauty for their own sake. A compulsive learner, Philip is constantly finding and working with new ideas and techniques, such as the inclusion in some of his most recent paintings of stenciled patterns designed and cut by the artist himself. As a true artist he can never be satisfied with his current abilities, but constantly seeks to grow and become better in both his vision and his craft. You can see more of my work at


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