Judith Berg
I am a wildlife researcher, author, and painter. I began studying African elephant behavior in atypical captive environments in 1974, continuing through 1983. My principal work from that research, "Vocalizations and Associated Behaviors of African Elephants in Captivity," became the foundation of extensions by subsequent research from animal behavior to bioacoustics, and is still cited by contemporary researchers. That was followed by behavioral research on serows and gorals, and then okapi and Barasingha deer - all endangered species. From 1992 through 1997, I studied river otters and beavers in the headwaters of the Colorado River in Rocky Mountain National Park. (Otters were state-endangered at the time.) Two books, "The Otter Spirit" and "Conversation with a Beaver," were products of my latter work. My last two years were spent painting various subjects connected in some way to Nature, an endeavor I plan to continue as long as I can lift a brush to canvas. Throughout my adult life I have been an increasingly-passionate animal-oriented person, focusing on behavior, and continuing to contribute however I can be of benefit to their welfare and survival. I make my home in the south hills of Eugene, OR, with my husband, David, and our rescue companion, Millie.

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