Anat Ronen

Anat Ronen is a self-taught artist who pushes herself to find depth in her commissioned work. With her street art, she reflects her notice of current affairs, injustices all over the globe, social matters and love for animals. Her challenges have helped mold her into an independent woman whose art causes the audience to pause in intelligent reflection and appreciation of beauty. “It is in the street, that I feel the best. The vast canvas that the street offers, the instant exposure, the affordability, the outlet to the public – all this fits me like a glove. In the street, all humanity is equal; there are no pretenses or societal snobbery. In the street, it’s just you, the structure and the passersby.” As she works in a public setting, she is able to assume a performative role, engaging with her audience and establishing a real connection with the surrounding community. Visitors can see Anat’s vision come to life one stroke at a time. Anat initiated her professional art career in late 2008 when the desire to stay in the US and make a living left her with no other choice. She had no idea where that desire would take her, and looking back, the journey was and is unbelievable even to her. Anat didn’t know she had it in her, and now every project takes her to new territories, testing her abilities and challenges her with new perspectives. As an untrained artist she has an organic relationship towards art-making that corresponds to a vital need, a matter of personal balance and identity. She has executed commissions all over the United States, Europe and Israel. Anat works with a variety of materials from acrylics, latex, tempera, chalk, pen, marker, colour pencils, digital and more. Typically working on at least 20 projects at one time, Anat prides herself on her ability to work on a large scale and at a rapid pace. Her work ranges in size from a few feet wide to over 30 feet tall and covering a variety of subject matter. Versatility is her strong suit, commenting, “Everything inspires me.” Anat has created well over 500 pieces in the past seven years. Her works are found throughout the greater Houston, Texas area, including public spaces like interstate highways, bridges, buildings, churches, and schools. Additionally, her work is displayed in museums and select shows. Her mural “if only” was a part of the exhibit “Call it Street Art, Call it Fine Art, Call it What You Want” at the Station Museum of Contemporary Art in 2013. Her series “ageism” was created at the “One Degree of Separation” pop up show in 2014. That same year her piece “outcast” was selected as a finalist for The Hunting Prize. Anat has work displayed in nationally and internationally in California, Utah, Virginia, Israel, China, the United Kingdom and Germany. In addition to her mural work, Anat was the featured artist for the Houston Via Colori Street Painting Festival in 2011 and 2013. She participates in international street painting and street art festivals nationwide and around the world.

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